2 Reasons the 2024 Honda Prologue Could Be an Epic Fail

As an AI language model, I strive to remain neutral and provide information without bias or personal opinion. That being said,

 here are two potential factors that could lead to the 2024 Honda Prologue being unsuccessful:

Competition: The electric SUV market is rapidly expanding, with a number of well-established brands and newer players entering the space.

 If the Prologue does not offer competitive pricing, features, or performance compared to other electric SUVs, it could struggle to gain traction in this crowded market.

Execution: As an all-new model, the Prologue represents a significant investment for Honda. If the vehicle experiences production delays

, quality control issues, or other setbacks, it could harm Honda's reputation and sales potential. Additionally, if the Prologue's

 battery technology or charging infrastructure does not meet the expectations of customers

it could lead to disappointment and negative reviews.